Friday, 12 February 2016

9.14 SD/HD comparison: T1 Heavy Tank, VK 72.01 (K), VK 30.01 (H) & IS-6


this is my last stretch of the night and also the last SD to HD models left, the Heavies:

T1 Heavy Tank

9.14 SD/HD comparison: E-25, AMX 50 Foch (155), Nashorn, T28 Prototype & T40


This time, SD to HD models of the Tank Destroyers:

See previous

9.14 SD/HD comparison: Crusader, A-20 & Ke-Ho


Its late but still going strong. SD to HD Light Tank models now:


9.14 SD/HD comparison: T20, Chi-Ni, Chi-Ha, Chi-Nu & T-25


more SD to HD models screenshots for comparison, Medium vehicles this time:


9.14 SD/HD comparison: M53/M55, Sexton II, G.W. Tiger & 105 leFH18B2


the 9.14 is finally here and already compiled all the screenshots comparing the new HD models with their old SD versions, started with the SPGs straight ahead to get them out of the way, dont want these buggers camping on my to-do list:

See also armor comparison 

9.14 HD armor changes In Depth

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this one haven't slept yet, going to catch a flight in a couple hours and made an all nighter to make sure you gonna have content while I'm on my way back to the kitties (already grown accustomed to fall asleep in the planes before they take-off), anyway...

"TheMostComfortableTanker" wrote a deep analysis of the armor changes and was very kind to authorize me to share with you on RSR:



105 leFH18B2

•More rounded at round parts, but otherwise the same. 
•The sides for the hull gun mount are now 60mm (+20mm).
•The driver's hatch no longer sticks out. 
•Armor behind the tracks is now a very sloped section and a flat section, instead of a single slightly sloped section.

Verdict: Not enough to matter.

AMX 50 Foch (155)

•20mm sideskirts have disappeared.
•Mantlet front buffed to 310mm from 250mm.
•Mantlet sides are slightly thinner, with the rear half being 60mm.  A new weakspot, but probably would mean much.
•Indent on mantlet mount roof for the baby periscope is now 200mm thick where it would normally be a tiny flat 100mm weakspot.
•Flat front of mantlet mount is 200mm instead of 180, side of the mount are 170mm instead of 180mm.
•MG tumor shaped changed to more like a sphere.  Front armor is mostly 175mm thick instead of 180mm-80mm, but the sides become 40mm much sooner.
•"Hammerhead" tumor is now armored just like the AMX AC mle 48, just with the the very base of it being 180mm instead of 130mm.
•LFP is now 62°, was 59°.  UFP is now 55°, was 54°-56°.
•Spare tracks create a 50mm zone near the rear of the side hull (+10mm).

Verdict: I've not played this, but the mantlet area at least looks tougher from the front.  Side skirts maybe helped against HEAT?

Update 9.14 Common Test Review

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Check out the review of the 9.14 Test Server:

I'm actually looking foward the new sounds.

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