Friday, 18 December 2015

Armored Warfare's Holiday Present

Hello Warriors,

The "secret" is finally over!

This year Obsidian has decided to gift one of the most appraised tanks in history and online games, the tier 3 Premium Main Battle Tank Type 59!

In Armored Warfare his essence was respected, it has excellent protection and great firepower while still maintaining its good mobility.



All you have to do is login between the 18th of December, 2015 and the 3rd of January, 2016 and the tank will appear in your garage, I already got mine:

Have fun!

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WoT: Christmas Reward

Hello Warriors,

confirmed, this year's Christmas reward in World of Tanks will be the Toldi III, a tier 3 LT Hungarian vehicle that is being presented as German instead:

Its already being given on NA, starting from today until 15 January you just need to log in and you will earn the tank with a 100% crew as an extra.

Note: There will be rewards for those who play this vehicle.

More about Toldi III:
-Its history
-About the Hungarian emblems, insignias and colours in WoT
-A Premium today or a tech tree tomorrow?

How Tog II Reloads

Hello Warriors,

Yesterday David Fletcher was wondering on his video what exactly a crew of 6 did inside the Tog II, here is the answer:

The other 2 missing in the picture are the driver and the gunner.

Found this while doing my daily cruise on Imgur, had to share. :P

Premature Fireworks

Hello Warriors,

just came back from a successful morning jogging and shopping...

Some Russian comrades and also I received some reports from the community that there fireworks being randomly deployed in battles before the celebrations, its very likely a bug:

Are you having those too?

World of Tanks Blitz Windows 10 Experience

Good morning Warriors,

The Mighty Jingles has uploaded a video on what's so far the World of Tanks Blitz Windows 10 experience:

Note: Windows 10 users are not merged with the mobile ones.

Jingles almost thrown me out, I told him that his smooth voice together with the "Garota de Ipanema" in the background he sounded like William Shatner "singing".  hehe


Hello fellow nocturnal creatures,

DirectX11 is already being tested, here are some screenshots:

Tank Chats: TOG II

Hello Warriors,

the only time I scream like a little girl is when I see a David Fletcher's Tank Chats video in my Youtube feed, this time he talks about Her Majesty's Tog II:

"There's enough room to hold a dance in the fighting compartment"  God, I love this man! :P

Secret Santa

Hello Warriors,

took my day off, was away taking care of something important.

Wargaming has decided to bring a gift trading system for the Christmas holidays, this is the trailer:

The video doesn't exactly explain how it works, because each gift costs only a few cents I decided to give it go.

That gift bar doesn't stack and there is no special reward at the end, is just a way of choosing
 how much gifts/money you want.

Chose which type of gift you want to receive.

1st attempt: 250Gold
2nd attempt: 375 Gold
3rd attempt: 250 Gold

Its random and it doesn't stack/increases each time. 

EU / NA / RU / SEA

What do you think about it?