Friday, 29 January 2016

Stack-Up Livestream


Its time for my scheduled livestream. Tonight it will go sightly different. Will be joining a 24 hour charity livestream for "Stack-Up"(a Gaming Charity to support US, NATO and ANZAC veterans) and for 3 hours will be playing and giving out more Chieftain Mk. 6 Codes!

Join us:


Type 97 Chi-Ha


thanks to SoukouDragon! Check out this restored Type 97 Chi-Ha :

Its amazing the love Russians have and give to tanks.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct Report Changed


have some good news to give from Ectar (EU EN Community Manager):

"Over the past few weeks, the “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” player report category has been a hot topic. We’ve received a lot of feedback from your forum posts, tickets to Support, posts on WoTLabs, Reddit and other places online. Thanks! Your feedback has really helped highlight this concern. We’ve been working alongside our Customer Support team to gather this feedback and see how we could improve this system.

During our investigations we have identified key areas where we agree a different approach is required:

The current in-game report system is not as effective as we’d like it to be in order to report genuine in-game misconduct, such as: pushing allies out of cover, blocking team mates, or revealing team mate positions or any other abuse not covered by the other categories.
The way Unsportsmanlike Conduct reports have been handled on the EU server has encouraged some players or groups of players to try and manipulate this category in order to get other players unfairly sanctioned.

As an immediate result, we have put in place several changes regarding how sanctions for Unsportsmanlike Conduct are handled and given out on the EU server. We’re also continuously discussing options and possibilities to improve our current in-game report functions for our developers to review. 

Please note it is very important that you all still continue to use the in-game report function to report any kind of misbehaviour you witness in battle, as we rely heavily on these reports to adjust our actions according to the offence.

The voice of the community has helped to shape this process, so we would like to once again thank all players for their feedback and patience during this review, and especially for all the great ideas and suggestions."

He doesn't say what was changed, I will ask when possible, its closed time for the Paris office.

IS-6 & M53/M55 Armor Comparison


have a couple more screenshots of the IS-6 and M53/M55  armor comparison between 9.13 and 9.14.

A Buff.
-Driver's hatch is now 110 mm instead of 90 mm and its view port is now smaller.
-On top of turret, 2 viewports are gone and the remaining one got shrunk.
-Engine Bay "crater" is now tighter
-Spare tracks are giving an extra 20 mm or armor on the back side of the hull and tracks are now firmly close to the hull body (this is what happens when you take stairs instead of elevator).


A Nerf, armor was kept the same but effective armor has lost some value, also, the recoil spade (or "garden bench" as I like to call) is now being held by necromantic spells (this is normal in arty models).

New HD Models: G.W. Tiger & Sexton II


a couple more 9.14 HD screenshots for you.

See previous:

G.W. Tiger