Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Update on IS-5 (Object 730), upcoming tier 8 premium.

Today got to my attention that the IS-5 (Object 730), a upcoming Soviet tier 8 heavy premium tank will be a Clan War reward as reported by Vspishka, a Russian Youtuber ( Source ).

According to the most recent updates shown on FTR (Source), it will not have special match maker unlike the IS-6 but will be slightly faster, more armored and has better view range although it has pretty much the same gun as his brother. Its known the disregard I have for the IS-6 as a non-profitable tank due to his gun (the 122 mm D-30 gun can be extremely bouncy even when shooting at weaker areas and often requires gold shells, that’s not a synonym of profit) and the fact that it will meet higher tiers doesn't make me excited to obtain it (even after getting a penetration buff), if had the time for CW, still for those who do, good luck and let me know what you think about the tank once you achieve it.