Tuesday, 21 April 2015

21.04.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Storm confirms: penetration is a balance parameter now;
- Regarding the upcoming penetration nerf - some of the top guns are actually the relics of the time when there was +/-3 MM. The developers decided to remedy the armor situation by nerfing the penetration rather than removing the top guns;
- Storm confirms: 9.8 will bring many changes to individual missions;
- Q: "Storm, I had a battle where we had 5 tier 8's and they had 9 of them, who do you think won?" A: "The team that played better";
- It's not possible anymore to rollback the 9.7 BW engine back to 9.6 standard;
- It's completely normal that the same tank has various gun depression with various guns;
- There will definitely not be 8K textures in the game, Storm states that it would be a nightmare - 150 gigs of textures for tanks only;
- One 4K textured tank is 80-100Mb big;
- It's theoretically possible to introduce 4K textures in the hangar and 2K in battles;
- HD IS model will have tracks hanging on the hull as a part of the collision model (improved armor)
- Storm does not consider implementing exclusive CW tanks to be wrong, they are there to stimulate players to play in clans. CW machines will not be publicly available otherwise;
- Developers are currently thinking about how to incentivize the play on high tier tanks (endgame).

"Art of War" on RU Server

Hello warriors,

the RU 9.7 patch is coming tomorrow and with it, a competition to win a Type 59, T-54 Prototype or Type 62.

Basically, you have to unlock and excel on most of the tanks of the new line. Each tier has a mission where you have to earn a certain amount of XP (and kill at least one vehicle, so no troll platoon dragging tier 2's to tier 10 battles) over the course of multiple random battles. The XP's go:

Tier 2 - 1500 XP
Tier 3 - 5500 XP
Tier 4 - 15500 XP
Tier 5 - 35000 XP
Tier 9 - 75000 XP

First 50 players to achieve this will be rewarded with T-54 Prototype, 51st to 100th place winners will earn a Type 62.

First 50 players to earn the mastery badge on tier 10 (AMX 30B) will get a Type 59.

Armored Warfare: M48 Patton and Object 155

Check out the new main battle tank renders that Armored Warfare been developing for the game:

M48 Patton

Armata officially unveiled

Hello warriors,

Russian ministry of defense published for the first time an official picture of the T-14 Armata main battle tank, the future armored vehicle for the Russian army (developed by the Uralvagonzavod company). The unmanned turret (notice the missing fume extractor) is equipped with a new 2A82 125mm gun, capable - allegedly - of defeating any western tanks. The vehicle is equipped with an active protection system and new, advanced armor capable of withstanding even the strongest hits.

Buff My M10 Armor Update

Author: Vollketten
Photos by: Projet_154

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short piece on the uparmoring of M10’s in Europe in 1944/45 making use of those armored bosses on the sides and front. During that piece I mentioned what may well be the only surviving M10 with fabricated armor on its sides at Hackenberg in France.

Well, player Projet_154 deserves a huge round of applause as he very kindly visited that vehicle and obtained the elusive measurements for the side armor.

Miscellaneous Insider Info

Hello warriors,

just a few random tidbits from the Insider and other sources that you might find interesting.

- the Insider saw the reaction of Storm (hi denial) on his leaks. He wasn't amused but states that it's almost certain these changes will come - with a caveat that they might appear only on WoT Xbox. Simply take it as the direction WG is thinking in.
- according to Storm, the 9.7 patch will come "within days"
- chat 2.0 (improved chat system) will come by the end of summer
- WoT Assistant mobile application will get a warning about the upcoming stronghold battles for your clan, this change will also happen in late summer