Friday, 12 June 2015

12.06.2015 Stream

Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you had a lovely week like mine!

Will be streaming for the next couple hours some World of Tanks, and maybe some WoWS later if I feel in the mood or if I get invaded by drunk Norwegian vikings.

After such a productive week I'm just gonna do a relaxed stream and play random tanks while listening to my music.

191 Tanks and EU/Na accounts:

Note: Q&A will come in 2h give or take. :)

WoT Blitz: Port Map

Hello Warriors,

I rarely write about WoT Blitz but its patch 1.10 will bring a new version of Port, a map that got removed from WoT PC some time ago:

Tier 6 Mi-To 150 tons

 Hello Warriors,

a new picture of the Tier 6 Mi-To 150 tons model just surfaced:

A heavier version of the tier 5 vehicle, this Mi-To variant weighs 150 tons and is scheduled to appear on tier 6. It will have the option to mount a 150mm derp gun.

Camp Pendleton and Yuma Proving Grounds photos

Hello Warriors,

been a couple days since I've posted material that you made and share with me (too much in hands lately), but today things are bit more quiet so here you have:

Vincente T. wants show his photos from Camp Pendleton, California and Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona:

Armored Warfare: PT-76

Check out this Armored Warfare article about the history of the PT-76 and how it got applied in-game:

Really like this articles posted by AW, always a pleasure to see new ones.

Peter Rabbit - Tank Killer

Oh my goodness...

One of you, Marian R. just shared with me this amazing children(+12) story, Peter Rabbit - Tank killer:

It has some inaccuracies but is so adorable! Now you know what I will be reading for my Padawans (if decide to have them), with some parts edited of course.

Now... let me find a bear to fight with so can take the "I want kids" feelings away!

Gaijin, a Steam Summer Sales Rat

Thank you "Nya-chan Production"!

Gaijin is at it... again!

As some of you may be aware, the Steam Summer Sales arrived and some companies like Rockstar (GTA V) are raising the prices in advance of these sales in order to not lose profit and sometimes, I kid you not, make more money. Guess who makes part of that wagon? Gaijin...

Its not the first time Gaijin does this type of anti-consumer practices, remember last year War Thunder's Mustang Pack "sale"?

"This needs to be given as much awareness as possible to Valve, so that they can save themselves from any legally-mandated refunds due to a publisher's obvious attempts at cheating the customer out of their money.

Why do I say "legally-mandated"? Because it's illegal, and a dick move, to do this in many jurisdictions, including Germany, UK, and California. Hell, any jurisdiction with anti-price gouging laws on the books would view Gaijin's actions as inappropriate, and instead of Gaijin taking the shit for it, it'll be Valve." - Quote from the redditor, NKato

The War Thunder moderators (as usual) are erasing consumer complaints on the forums, steam and going as far as suspending long-time users. They are also going their extra way to keep the source of this post muffled.

You know what to do, go and be the hero Gotham deserves:

Small edit: Here, a useful price tracker for the Steam games:

New HD tank: M6A2E1

Hello Warriors,

more HD tank pictures, this time from the "M6 on steroids" M6A2E1:

IS-3 with autoloader pictures

 Morning lovely Warriors,

here are new pictures of the IS-3 Autoloader, enjoy!