Monday, 8 June 2015

"Developer Hour" Q&A: WoT Assistant

Developer hour interview, this time with mobile application (WoT Assistant) developer Dmitry Polykov

- 18 people are working on WoT Assistant;
- Currently developers are working on a new, separate application that will have chat, contacts and other nice features in it;
- The application will also have a magazine but other in-game functions will not be implemented in it;
- WoT Assistant interface will be reworked;
- Wargaming FM (WG radio) might be added to WoT Assistant;
- 3D models will not be displayed in WoT Assistant;
- Same goes for personal missions;
- It's possible events and discounts will appear in WoT Assistant;
- For CW 2.0 the CW part of WoT Assistant will be reworked;
- There will be separate statistics for Stronghold in WoT Assistant as well as a big update for clans;
- Clan commander will have the option to make a PUSH notification for clan members;
- The user ratio is 1:4 in Android favor.