Friday, 13 March 2015


Hello warriors,

today, the 9.7 test is starting - here's what's in it (ASAP 9.7)


-French tanks (several lowtiers + AMX-30 proto and AMX-30), no autoloaders;
-Team battles players will now have the option to build permanent teams;
-Team battles will be split to two modes: regular team battles and rated (ladder) battles;
-Ladders will be split into leagues and divisions, the better you play, the higher league you attend;
-Ladders will be split to seasons, each taking 2-3 months, at the end of which the ratings will be reset;
-Rated battles players will see the map they will play on in advance;
-New map Overlord (themed after Normandy landings);
-Live Oaks got reworked;
-New BigWorld engine version.