Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Patton KR and Panzer 58: Update

Good morning lovely creatures,

this one is starting her morning to something soft:

That guitar...

Anyways, I went searching for any updates and annoy some birdies and this is what I have so far:

Patton KR
-It will appear on NA (and I see no reason why it shouldn't come to EU as well).

Panzer 58
-On EU,  like I typed yesterday, Ectar has confirmed that there wont be a marathon for the end of the year which is understandable with all the discounts and the very near Action X missions that will arrive in January. This is what can happen, take your pick:

  • It still can become a new year gift
  • It will come some time after the Action X mission in the shape of a marathon (Placing my bet on this one)
  • Very unlikely but they could try to milk it in a bundle.
- On RU, where do I start... there are some poisonous weeds on the Russian community who specially been creating a disturbance in the force on the past 2~3 months. They make their living from pulling hoaxes out of their arses and I don't understand why most of the Russian blogs are still listening to these people BS. The information given about the Panzer 58 looked all right yesterday but this morning no one knows anything any more. I've already talked to my Russian counterpart, Edrard and we will be seeking for an answer. My bet is that the Panzer 58 is going to appear on RU too, I mean, after all RU its the Daddy's girl.

-On SEA, nothing to report, you will have the vehicles, keep on being happy.

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

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