Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Armored Warfare: 3rd Early Access Test


Hello Warriors,

just to warn that from tomorrow, July 1st, till July 14th, AW will be performing their third Early Access test.

EU Server:
5pm - 11pm CEST on weekdays
non-stop on weekends  

NA Server:
7pm – 1am ET on weekdays
non-stop on weekends

 Major patch features
  •     Added Tier 8 vehicles to Dealer Trees
  •     Added 'Lowest' setting to graphic options to support more dual core CPUs, as well as some older GPUs
  •     Added further optimizations to improve performance for all players
  •     Decals are now available to add to vehicles
  •     Player versus Environment (PvE) mode: Missions are now available (in easy, medium and hard difficulty)

Detailed changes

  •     The matchmaker mechanism was adjusted in order to produce better results and improved balance between teams
  •     Numerous PvP maps were changed for better balance and gameplay
  •     Unspotted vehicles now have visible tracers
  •     Engine sounds were improved for all vehicles
  •     The camouflage system was changed - vehicles will now be much easier to spot when they are firing
  •     Adjusted the viewrange-affecting modules and equipment: viewrange bonuses are now additive, not multiplicative (instead of increasing the viewrange by X percent, they increase it by Y meters)

Vehicle changes
  •     Teledyne DFSV had its textures fixed
  •     AMX-10P viewrange was increased from 374m to 416m
  •     AMX-10P PAC 90 viewrange was increased from 344m to 382m
  •     BMD-1 viewrange was increased from 374m to 416m
  •     BMP-2 viewrange was increased from 374m to 438m
  •     PT-76 reload time was decreased from 6.58 seconds to 6.24 seconds
  •     PT-76 damage increased by about 2.5%
  •     PT-76 hitpoints decreased to 800
  •     Fixed the research and purchase cost of the Wiesel 1's Gunner Sight module to be comparable to the vehicle's other upgrade parts
  •     Lowered the default ammo counts for the M113 and LAV-150
  •     Penetration for autocannons above 20mm has been reduced by about 15% (20mm autocannon penetration is unaffected)
  •     Penetration for non-autocannons was reduced as such: 90mm guns - about 5%, guns of higher caliber than 90mm - 15% (this change does not affect automatic cannons)
  •     Fixed the incorrect gun mantlet armor of multiple main battle tank class vehicles ("missing mantlets" issue)
  •     Armor of multiple main battle tank class vehicles was rebalanced (improved)
  •     Added the support of electronic ("soft kill") Active Protection Systems such as the Shtora-1 system of the T-90 (does not need unlocking, it is present automatically). Electronic APS modules have unlimited number of uses but longer cooldowns.
  •     Fixed the bug where main battle tanks were incorrectly losing too much speed when turning
  •     Fixed the exploit where players were able to guide anti-tank guided missiles even without line of sight in third person
  •     Fixed certain crew skills affecting reload times (including the "ammunition type swap" exploit from previous hotfix patch)
  •     Swingfire view range is 440m now (reduction from 505m)
  •     Leopard-1 view range increased to 360m (from 350m)
  •     T-64 stock gun penetration improved slightly so it no longer gets decreased performance compared to T-62

Bug fixes

  •     Fixed the rare bug where vehicles "fell through" the garage textures (the "underwater garage" bug)
  •     Numerous UI bugs and element issues fixes
  •     Numerous server-side bugs affecting performance and stability fixed
  •     Fixed several issues that caused client crash
  •     Fixed the bug where the mouse cursor was stuck in the middle of the screen during the battle countdown
  •     Fixed the bug where clan decals did not appear in combat properly
  •     Fixed the bug where clan decals appeared with incorrect resolution
  •     Third person camera and first person camera are now synchronized with the same speed (not limited by turret rotation)
  •     Fixed the bug where artillery could enter artillery mode before the start of the match
  •     Fixed the bug where inviting someone in platoon would get blocked and would appear as a new notification in the garage
  •     Fixed the bug where causing enemy ammunition rack explosion appeared as if players caused negative damage

Patch size: approximately 6 GB

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