Tuesday, 30 June 2015

WoWS: Staff Explains

Hello Warriors,

according to Ev1n , a WoWS EU Staff member, has this to say about the download being available to all:

You’ve probably noticed we have enabled public registrations for World of Warships. To prevent misinterpretation by our community, we’d like to set a few things straight.

  I can now download and play the game. Is this a mistake?
No, it is a planned capacity test, congrats to getting in! If we reach our planned capacity for this test, we will disable registrations again.

So is this Open Beta already? Why there was no announcement?There was no announcement because we’re not in OBT yet, but as you can guess it’s getting closer and closer. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our web resources!

If I buy Doubloon/Premium ship packages in the Premium shop, will I be able to keep them?
Yes, the Premium shop goods you buy from this moment on will carry over to the OBT when it starts, as well as later through the game’s official release.

What about the regular ships? Will there be any more wipes?
No, the latest wipe during the deployment of update 0.4.0 was the last one we had planned, so whatever progress you get now you shall keep.

Can I stream / make videos / post on Forums about the game and its contents?
Yes, the game is not under NDA anymore. If you got in, feel free to enjoy and discuss!

*sigh...* Still don't understand what's the difficulty for not announcing this information on the portal.

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