Sunday, 13 December 2015

Armored Warfare: My Tier 9 Vehicles Opinion

Hello Warriors,

this started as a minor comment under Jingles AW Challenger 1 video but grew into a whole separate article.

While he's been fangirling hard over the Challies and Chieftain lately, I was too all over the Challengers but now that I literally own every vehicle in the game and after playing with them on last Wednesday's livestream I've found a new favourite, there is a new boy in town!

I've decided to share my raw opinion so far about the tier 9 vehicles in Armored Warfare, it wasn't exactly easy as the statistics contradict what I've experienced in the matches:

M1A2: For such a well renowned model I was expecting more. It has a okayish gun but feels like the engine is not strong enough for such a beast, gets penned far too easily and it seems USA forgot their good gun depression on their way to modern vehicles. Not recommending.

M8: An ugly F***er but give it a chance as its actually tons of fun, may have paper armor but is quite fast and has a really good gun.

Note: Just make sure to stay away from any enemy gun and in smaller maps stay in flanking shadows like a falmer and only poke around after reload if you want to make the best of it.

CRAB: A wheeled vehicle, so far my experience in it has been driving against every obstacle and bounce back while spinning in mid air. Good to aggro PVE bots attention and easily will outrun the turret rotation of MBTs while giving them crabs... if you manage to control it.

Leopard 2A6: I may be one of the few people who doesn't follow the Leopard tank hype, I don't care much about them, not in real life and neither in games. Didn't expected much of this vehicle and there were no surprises. It may have the strongest frontal armor of all MBTs but the sides and back are just deplorable, in a game like AW where sidescrapping is not very rewarded, all that armor gets rendered useless. It still gets the job done but it just feels blend, does not inspire the confidence a MBT should and I have to try hard to keep up with my team in terms of damage.

Note: It does have missiles but you only can fire 1 per 20sec.

BMPT-72: It makes "Dakka Dakka Dakka" sounds when firing, what else could I ask for? It also has great mobility and lives up to his Terminator 2 nickname as somehow it bounces even the strongest of shells. Anti-Hyperalloy shells should be a thing. 

Note: HE is useless in this vehicle but it has a decent missile salvo of 4 (24sec reload).

B1 Draco: If the Harry Potter series weren't made after I would have assumed this vehicle design was based on Draco Malfoy's hairstyle. Its has paper armor and its awkward to drive (clunky), the gun is actually quite fun (8 shells in the drum and 14sec clip reload) but the only reason I take it to battle its became it makes me laugh.

Note: I drive this vehicle in reverse mostly when slytherin going around corners, I'm exposing less hull that way.

Challenger 2: The sole reason I dragged the Chieftain battle after battle and I tell you, I don't like that tier 5 MBT (I find it an over hyped tank but still, was expecting it to be better). Just like the Challenger 1, Chally 2 its a really good vehicle. Its gun is very reliable and I believe the reason this tank's armor is still obscure because they don't want us to know that its made of Mithril. 

*Join the British empire! We have crumpets and Challies!*

T-90: I really believed nothing could outdo the Challenger 2 in AW but "Vladimir 0.2" does it so well.
It has the best overall armor and the same speed of the Leopard 2A6 (which make them the fastest MBTs) and things get even more interesting, the gun has the best Reload Time and it deals stronk, sweet, exhilarating, plumptious 600 to 900 damage pounds the enemy mercilessly.

That's all, let me know if you have any questions, just like in WoT I will be doing soon a Vehicle Request stream for AW. Like I said... Have all vehicles unlocked so I might as well make good use of them. :)

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