Tuesday, 29 September 2015

59-Patton For Sale

Hello Warriors,

its time to steal grandma's silverware set to help Wargaming EU reach its monthly sales quota before Serb ships them to labor work on his lunar base!

The 59-Patton is being sold on EU until 1 October 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) for ONLY 49.99 euros!

 Package includes:
  • Garage slot
  • 30 days of Premium
  • 4500 Gold

The tank is not too shabby, had some fun playing with it but is definitely not worth the price.
I would love seeing EU making an extra effort than just drop a tank each week in a expensive bundle with extras we don't need and instead give us more options and fairer deals! NA who is currently also selling a 59-Patton bundle for a large price at least gave their players missions for those who purchase the tank. The rewards are not that special but at least its something! Why we, over EU cant even have that?

Why not sell the Premium tanks without the extras for a smaller price?
I've calculated all September's "Collector’s Gem of the Week" bundle prices and ended up precisely at 188.42 Euros. Now, lets make it 200€ to ease down a bit (and because we get so many 50€ bundles) and multiply it with the 12 months of the year to see how much WG EU wants their spending costumers to give annually. Holy Jesus, 2400€...That is nearly 5 minimum salaries in my native country!
Wargaming is definitely losing potential customers by milking it too hard! How their marketing department cant see this is beyond my comprehension...

 AgingJedi, a fellow WG's Community Contributor has also made a pricing rant on the tank/ship packages which he makes some very good points I couldn't agree more with:

Go to 7:30 min if you don't want to see the battle.

What is your opinion on this?