Monday, 14 September 2015

Supertest - CZ Tier 3 - LT Vz.38

Hello warriors,

here's a Czechoslovak tier 3 - LT Vz.38.


One of the best light tanks in the world in the late 1930's. It was originally developed by Praga under the designation of TNH-S for export to Sweden but also accepted in service by the Czechoslovak army as LT Vz.38 ("light tank, 1938 pattern") in order to replace the aging LT Vz.35. Heavily used by the Germans during their attack on Poland, France and Soviet Union under the name of Panzerkampfwagen 38 (call). By 1941 it was deemed too light to fight modern Soviet vehicles but the excellent chassis was used in the production of tank destroyers and self-propelled guns. Many were converted to the well-known Jagdpanzer 38 (call) "Hetzer". Several vehicles survived the war and were briefly considered for service in the new Czechoslovak army before being mostly scrapped.

Tier: 3 LT
Hitpoints: 236
Engine: 140 hp
Weight: 10,595 tons
Power-to-weight: 13,21 hp/t
Maximum speed: 42/18 km/h
Hull traverse: 34 deg/s
Turret traverse: 32 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,342/1,918
Viewrange: 330
Radio range:359,8

Hull armor: 25/15/?
Turret armor: 50/30/?

Gun: 37mm A23
Damage: 40/40/45
Penetration: 82/115/18
ROF: 16,803
Autoloader: 3 rounds
Time between shots: 2s
DPM: 672,1
Reload: 6,712s
Accuracy: 0,38
Aimtime: 1,9s
Depression: -5/+25