Monday, 7 December 2015

07/12/2015 Day/Stream

Hello Warriors,

pretty much done with the blog for today so its time for a livestream.

Starting a bit later than usual, spent most of my day over and The Tank Museum with David Willey. I like this man, I had been around him before but we only had spoken briefly but he always been a good sport, today we spent a couple hours together and he made me laugh and blush so much.

David Willey

The reason I've kept secrecy about it my and other whereabouts its mostly because I didn't wanted anyone to waste fuel/money to try to meet but also as off lately I've became extra private as people randomly started recognizing us in the streets and although I love communicating with you over the internet or major events like TankFest (UK) or LeŇ°any Tank Day (CZ) I'm a very quiet and shy person (except when I get hyperactive from lack of sleep or too much coffee and this happens: "Freak" ) in real life who just really wants to be around tanks, books and a pint of beer.

Back in October I attended the museum's Annual General Meeting to help Ed Francis planting some nice ideas on the board's mind and to give some of my own as well but my presence there was mainly to show that there is real interest from people like me who do "internet stuff. They are trying to reach you and we have the tools so expect some cool stuff in the future, and not just from me.
The Tank Museum has offered me very interesting opportunities, some of them are out of my comfort zone but I've said yes. I prefer to try and see the results than being too afraid and end up never knowing. I will keep details hidden, for now.

Also when I arrived back home had a bunch of emails and skype messages with more offers from other instances... I'm feeling overwhelmed and in good way! Will give you more info when the time is right.

I cant thank enough all of you for this, without your support cool things like this never would have happened! I love you, as a community.

And although I'm really in a good mood right now and just feel like dancing while holding a cat to this song

I'm late for streaming!!! So lets do this comrades!

203 Tanks, EU/NA and a grille:

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