Monday, 7 December 2015

Massive Ban Wave

Hello Warriors,

over the WoT's Russian server, there was a stronk massive temporary ban wave against players (*) that rigged the Rampage Personal Missions, 450 of them in particular were stripped from their T-22 sr. reward, named and shamed in the forums and the devs already warned that those who try to infringe the ToS a second time will be permanently banned.

I guess its time for a shame nun:
*Ring Ring* Here
The cherry on top of the cake on the story would be pulling the missions back and making them more doable so things like this don't keep on happening, even some WG staff has publicly written that they have stopped trying to complete them as they are nearly impossible. And maybe a less OP tank as a reward would be nice as well... T-22 is the biggest "whale clubber" (high tier "seal clubber") I've played with, it feels just wrong!

(*) Without much of a big surprise, most of the banned players belong to "top" clans.

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