Monday, 7 December 2015

On Track: IS-4

Hello Warriors,

From 7 December until 21 December the next "On Track" (tier 10 discount) on NA server will be the IS-4.

Other vehicles of the branch on discount are:

50% discount on purchase:

  • T-26
  • T-46
  • T-28
  • KV-1
  • T-150
  • KV-3
+ 1.3 Combat XP (Conditions: At least 2 enemies damaged)

30% discount on purchase:

  • KV-4
  • ST-I
  • IS-4
+ x2 Crew XP (Conditions: At least 2 enemies damaged)

Now here comes the good bit, if you make 25.000 XP driving with any of the vehicles above you will earn:
  • x2 Small First Aid Kit
  • x2 Large First Aid Kit
  • x2 Small Repair Kit
  • x2 Large Repair Kit 
  • x2 Manual Fire Extinguisher
  • x2 Automatic Fire Extinguisher 

If you complete it 4 times you get:
  • Large-Caliber Gun Rammer 

If you complete it 8 times you get:
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

And if you manage to do it 10 times the final prize is:
  • Churchill III (50% Crew) + Garage Slot

Note: If you already own the Churchill III you will be receiving its equivalent in Credits.

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