Thursday, 11 June 2015

Lenovo cooperation in Russia

Hello warriors,

not so long ago, the company Lenovo introduced its new flagship, the P90 smartphone. Now this new device reached Russia. On Russian market, Lenovo is cooperating with Wargaming company - each Russian P90 will come with World of Tanks Blitz pre-installed as well as 30 days of premium account and tier 5 premium tank (RAM II).

Looking back at you, third from the left. *smirk*

To celebrate this cooperation, Wargaming paid for two buses of journalists, took them to the Alabino proving grounds and organized a massive battle for the smartphone. Journalists were given rifles, uniforms and vehicles and were tasked to assault a ruin known as "Pavlov's House" to claim the smartphone boxes. There were pyrotechnics, armored vehicles... it was a war that felt very realistic. The fight lasted three ours and the journalists successfully claimed the phone, allowing its release to RU market, leaving lasting impressions in all the participants.

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