Thursday, 11 June 2015

11.06.2015 Q&A

Regarding Master of Orion:

- The game is made by NGD Studios from Argentina: they made three games, one of which is MMO and neither is very popular.
- MoO will be singleplayer with multiplayer mode;
- There will not be micro-transactions, the game will be "single buy";
- MoO genre will be 4X turn-based strategy;
- Currently MoO is only being prepared for Windows;
- At release there will be 10 different races, each race will be unique by its traits and equipment available;
- The scale of the universe will be selectable when the battle starts;
- There will be 75 unique technologies and about 20 buildings;
- Maps will be two-dimensional;
- The game has nothing to do with WoT or other World of series, there will be no "unified account";
- The game does not use BigWorld engine;
- There will be a map generator.

Regarding World of Tanks:

- There will apparently not be any "European tree";
- Czechoslovaks, Italians and Swedish will likely be separate nations;
- Polish will come one way or another, Romanians and Hugarians - too early to tell.

And the daily, meanwhile in Russia...

Aww... look at him wearing his best battle result on a t-shirt! So cute...

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