Monday, 1 June 2015

Challenger 2 versus Toyota

Thank you Marco G. !

Earlier today in Germany, at 9 am, a female driver tried to turn left onto the road beside a base and she didn't notice the convoy of tanks that were driving on the road, the driver of the first tank was unable to break in time and drove over the hood, nobody was injured.

This was the result:

Only have one question: HOW CAN SOMEONE NOT SEE A TANK CONVOY???

Probably the Bimbo type that drives with a phone on the wheel hand and applying lipstick while looking at the mirror with the other...
People like this seriously awake the Klingon in me, for example, the other day while getting ready to go out and do fun stuff got placed a timer while applying makeup, for science, (lipstick, eye liner, blush... all that crap) and I was ready in exactly 1min 30 sec! There is absolute no excuse someone else cant do the same before starting up a car, seems like the pure example of a member of our specie that doesn't give a frak about others and self safety!

Boy... this one sure rustled my jimmies... Computer! Tea! Earl Grey! Hot!


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