Sunday, 1 November 2015

Yuri Pasholok's Q&A (01/11/2015)

Hello Warriors,

here is another Q&A batch for you from Yuri Pasholok:

- M4 Sherman with FL-10 turret was considered, if WG decides to implement it, it's possible to do it, but the question is where to put it since WoT doesn't have Arabian crews
- Waffentr├Ąger Leopard is a fake according to Yuri Pasholok - there was a project of 105mm self-propelled howitzer on Leopard basis and there was a wooden mock-up made, but WG is not keen on introducing premium SPG's
- It's possible another Soviet heavy tank branch could be built
- 100mm gun was installed experimentally into the T-34-85 turret but the project wasn't very good
- There were at least 3 T-44 hull variants, the mass-produced one was the one most protected
- There were a number of SPG's proposed for KV chassis (other than KV-7 and SU-152) Yuri Pasholok wrote a book about them even
- T-100 and SMK were tested with the M-34 aircraft engine
- There were no TD's based on T-28 chassis - by the end of the 1930s the chassis was considered obsolete
- E-25 with 88mm gun is a fake
- The Grille 15 name for the WT E-100 replacement is historical, some vehicles on Panther chassis were called GW Panther while others were called Grille 15. GW Tiger was called Grille 17
- There are options to build full MT branches for existing nations but not USSR
- There are also options for full LT branches for existing nations
- The oddest superheavy tank project? Kazakhstan 14 thousand ton "walker" made out of reinforced concrete
- AP shells for ML-20S (ISU-152 gun) were developed and deployed in 1943
- Penetration in World of Tanks is a balance parameter, it was mostly like that even before despite WG claims otherwise, for example ZiS-2 on T-34 has 90 degree penetration but German 50mm L/60 penetration value corresponds to 30 degree penetration
- Chieftain is historically not a heavy tank
- There is no work going on another American medium branch
- T110E5 model is historical? "Historicity of paper sketches and a mock-up? Honestly I don't want to get into the discussion about the historicity of the entire concept."
- There is no point in introducing more T110 variants
- There are like 6 variants of T28/T95 in existence
- There was a plan to put 122mm BL-13 on IS-7, as well as 152mm M51 (Object 705A)
- There are no plans for now to introduce FV100 series of British vehicles, FV300 series are under consideration
- 105mm L/52 on Jagdpanther is a fake
- Czechoslovakia has candidates for all branches except for heavy tanks
- Yuri Pasholok hasn't personally seen any other T-54/55 based SPG's and TD's apart from SU-122-54
- There were ideas (a concept) to put 100mm D-10S to SU-122-44 but it was never built
- Yuri Pasholok will consult historical battles with Wargaming - if they ask him
- There was a variant of SU-100 with D-25S gun, but this project was cancelled because it didn't do very well
- Generally the only Tiger-based Waffentr├Ąger was Grille 17
- The Czechoslovak T-34-100 is different from the Soviet one
- Object 416 was not mass produced because it's basically a SPG and a strange one too.
- T-100 heavy tank projects? The first one was T-100X (SPG project), then it was T-100Y (this was actually built) and T-100Z (T-100 with a new turret for the 152mm howitzer, the turret was then turned into a fortification), T-103 (coastal defense tank with 130mm gun)
- GW E-100 is a fake
- There are no plans to introduce the gas turbine German tanks to WoT

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