Sunday, 1 November 2015

WZ-111 on Sketchfab Errata

Hello Warriors,

just to make an update on the WZ-111 model from Sketchfab, you made very good points in the comment section so I went to check on the model a second time and...oh my... I forgot to put it on HD mode.
Dammit Carl!
 I derp often by doing things like wash someone's wallet but rarely stuff like this on PC. *Guilty Smirk* Will blame it on the Southern Comfort I drank to ease my wisdom teeth discomfort...

Although in HD mode the tank still looks pretty bad compared to other HD's but Aaron F. made a good point as the low-res textures are due to the limitations of sketchfab!

I also fetched the 9.10 version of the WZ-111 for comparison:

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