Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Need Your Opinion

Hello Warriors,

Remember a couple days ago when I wrote my opinion about the expensive Premium tank bundles?

If not please take a look:

After AgingJedi and I gave some light to this issue I'm glad to see other Community Contributors like The Mighty Jingles and PointyHairedJedi uniting their voices to ours:

A good Review of the M4A1 Revalorise but if you want skip it the Mighty Jingles starts talking about the subject at 21:15min:

And although WG EU is paying attention and gathering feedback, they are not yet convinced.
So I ask you to write your opinion in the comment section and vote here to show some numbers to them.

Specially aimed to those from poorer countries:

 Specially aimed at those who cant afford or have far too much gold and Premium times from all the bundles:

 And the important question: