Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Igromir Q&A

Hello Warriors,

another Q&A from Igromir:

- Bonus for tanking will come this year
- T-22 sr. is the best tank available for various missions, the supertesters really like it
- patch 10.0 is called Rubicon because it introduces many crucial technical elements which will allow the game to develop further
- It's possible Historical Battles will come as missions, in 2016, it is also possible it will come in the form of a team of players versus bots (copying the AW PvE, which is good)
- Developers want to increase the role of armor in the game
- Strongholds will be developed further, new buildings, features etc.
- There are plans for Hungarian tanks (historians are collecting info)
- There are no plans to introduce bonuses for when tanks of certain nation play on a map located in their country
- There are ideas to implement new equipment and to remove the ones that are pointless
- Customization will be actively developed in 2016, including equipment falling off from tanks when shot (when it's done it's done)
- It's possible there will be more modes with bots
- New sounds will arrive with new motion physics
- When the fuel tanks are damaged, players will hear the sound of gasoline pouring out
- Players will not be able to play deathmatch on premium tanks
- WG has a list of mods they want to implement into the game
- When CW 2.0 started, the amount of clan players rose by 30 percent
- It's possible lowtier tanks will have +/-1 MM