Friday, 16 October 2015

Bonuses from Emblems/Inscriptions

Hello Warriors,

in the next patch, 10.0 emblems and inscriptions will bring bonuses to the vehicles.

All logos and lettering printed on the equipment before the 10.0 update will remain on it and will bring real benefits: increase the level of the main speciality of the crew.

There will be two types of bonuses:
Constant  - a bonus to the proficiency of the crew main speciality, active throughout the fight;
Time  - a bonus to the level of ownership of the main speciality of the crew, only activates under certain conditions, there are 10 of them.

Percentage of how they will affect the crew:

  • 1% for permanent total bonuses;
  • 2% * for temporary total bonuses;
  • 2% for regular individual bonuses;
  • 3% * for the temporary individual bonuses.

Once activated they will appear on the exterior tab:

Other features:
  • Same bonuses from various inscriptions and emblems are stacked.
  • Logo or inscription, which gives a bonus to a particular crew member, will work for all the crew members of the same speciality (two loaders in the tank IS-7, for example).
  • If a crew member combines several disciplines (for example, a tank commander and the radio operator at the same time), the bonuses will add up to a single speciality. (*)
(*) Commander/Radio Operator: If you add a Commander bonus of 2%, all crew bonus of 1% and Radio Operator bonus of 2% the total bonus percentage the Commander will receive is 3%.

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