Sunday, 13 September 2015

Stalin Line Q&A

Hello warriors,

Storm and SerB visited the meeting with players on the Stalin Line in Belarus and answered a whole bunch of questions. Here are the answers from them.

- SerB was against artillery nerf, he is also against reworkingthe artillery to "debuff" class. According to him, the loss of the artillery role that makes players being less static will lead to more camping. Storm disagrees.
- according to Storm, the artillery nerf actually helped but now two problems emerged: too much randomness and the artillery considered to be useless
- SerB confirms tier 10+ tanks, no ETA or details apart from the fact these will not be "regular tanks" and won't be sold for gold. They will appear in a new, interesting mode.Introducing tier 12 tanks doesn't mean those tanks will be modern contemporary vehicles (RG: there were some talks about Object 279
- SerB's personal winrate on his secret account is around 53 percent
- players will be more involved in the development of the changes to the game, like it was in the case of Domination

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