Sunday, 13 September 2015

13.9.2015 Q&A

Storm is currently assembling the feedback on the new motion

- artillery and TD's cannot make "police turns" (U-turns) in new physics, this is intentional. Veider (chief WG balancer) states that it would really suck to be pursuing some faster arty only for it to make a handbrake turn and shoot you. This is not something related to skill - the artillery would by this maneuver lose so much accuracy (aim circle size would be enormous) that any such hit would be pure RNG (which is not what the developers want). Such cases would be rare anyway but with hundreds of thousands of battles each day, it might actually become a problem.
- there are player complaints that in the new motion physics, tanks are losing too much speed on steep slopes - this is intentional so that players don't get to places they aren't supposed to. The inertia on steep slopes (40 degrees or so and more) is artificially limited
- the issue above cannot be instead solved by invisible walls, players hate them
- Storm states that faster going uphill (compared to current state) is not something the developers want to implement in new motion physics
- Storm confirms that the parameters of all the vehicles were already reworked for new motion physics system
- new motion physics does put more load on servers than usual. Many features (more accurate calculations) therefore had to be scrapped, there's no server capacity reserve.
-  there is a very high probability that the server hull swinging in new motion physics will be removed.
- the main feature of new motion physics is the removal of tanks getting stuck. Tanks are still getting stuck - but much less.
- the new motion physics cannot be too different from the old one for the players, it would break the gameplay
- nobody promised to increase "gravity force": the fact that in new motion physics the tanks are slipping down the slope as soon as they stop is intentional (they don't feel like stuck to the surface). There was a part about "gravity increase" in the supertest leaks but Storm reacts on this as such: "Don't read supertest leaks. Seriously. Without knowing the context you will make up all sorts of crap with this 'increased gravity' - gravity is right now on the test the same as on live server."
- in the physics test, when one tank drives onto another, only the tank on top loses hitpoints, this is a bug and it will be fixed
- Storm confirms that a vehicle tipped on its side and roof will not only die (countdown is the same as in drowning - 30 seconds in this case) but also cannot shoot. There is a possibility devs will add a function to tip the tank back on its tracks (if tipped on the side) but in any case, tipping will lead to destruction and the not-shooting part is also intentional, tanks tipped on the side or roof and shooting would be unrealistic.
- Himmelsdorf has several artificial walls in order for players not to jump off cliffs (mostly around the mountain), this is intentional ("there's enough stupid stuff in the game as it is")
- more realistic inertia system (side inertia, tanks sliding more etc.) the way it was tested earlier was removed because it had very negative impact on the game
- so far the feedback on the new motion physics is very positive

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