Thursday, 13 August 2015

9.10 KTTS/ASAP video

Hello Warriors,

there is a new KTTS/ASAP video:


- 9.10 test starts today;
- Japanese superheavy branch;
- Removed Hidden Village, Pearl River;
- Redshire overhaul;
- Map tier system changed: tiers 1-2 now have 2 maps, tiers 2-3 now have 3 maps, tiers 3-4 now play on 7 maps, tiers 3-5 now play on 12 maps, tiers 4-6 now play on 21 maps, tiers 4-7 (LT) now play on 29 maps and tiers 5-10 now play on all (37) maps;
- New players will now be able to download "miniclient" (around 3 GB) that contains only lowtier stuff - to try WoT out;
- New loading screens with overhauled tips and pictures;
- New game mode: "fight to the last man", separated into Domination and Steel Hunt;
- Steel Hunt and Domination now can use player owned tanks.

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