Thursday, 13 August 2015

13.08.2015 Q&A

 Here it is:

- Unfortunately the WG devs didn't manage to make a free camera in the anniversary hangar;
- There were times when Storm was fed up with WoT but he always returned back, he feels personally connected to it;
- Cromwell B is doing fine as a premium vehicle;
- Storm confirms that producer Slava Makarov was forgotten on the "hall of fame" picture in WoT garage;
- Storm states that whether it is a real issue when one team has better players than the other (no skill MM) is debatable;
- One of Storm's ideas to make heavies more resistant to fire was to allow heavy tank spall liner to reduce damage from APCR and HEAT shells;
- Q: "Do something about the L56 penetration!" A: "Okay, I'll nerf it :)";
- Motion physics was not forgotten, vehicles are being reworked now to fit the new parameters;
- FV4202 switch was delayed due to some error in modelling.

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