Friday, 3 July 2015

Wargaming Q&A

From Storm

- There are no plans to convert FV215b to HD;
- Players who unlocked the current FV4202 will have a mission available to get the FV4202 premium for free;
- There are no plans for platoons of more than 3 men;
- There are no plans to allow players to test premium tanks before buying then apart from the test server;
- The M56 Scorpion was shelved for now;
- Tank branches for the future: the already announced Japanese heavy branch and the Czechoslovak tank branch;
- Sturmtiger will return to WoT in a few months as a part of some special mode (certainly not a regular unlockable vehicle);
- WT E-100 will be replaced by a WT Panther with 150mm L/63 gun;
- There are no plans to return the Port map to the game.

From Viktor Kislyi

- Average revenue per paying user per month in World of Tanks is roughly 25 USD;
- 50 percent of WoT playerbase is CIS, 50 percent is the rest of the world;
- 25 percent of all WoT users are paying users;
- WG plans to compensate losses in revenue by growing on international market as well as other projects;
- There will not be another "gold" tank like the "gold Type 59" despite its popularity in China, such things are damaging WG reputation;
- There is growth potential for WoT in Europe and USA but not in Russia - everybody knows about WoT in Russia;
- WG failed in WoWp;
- Minsk was and will be the heart of Wargaming;
- The WG revenue per year is measured in hundreds of millions of USD. The fall of ruble damaged WG revenues (no details);
- The fucked up historical battles and the failed patch in 2014 that reduced the FPS for most players caused a loss of 20 percent of players within two months for WG.