Thursday, 2 July 2015

TankFest 2015 Impressions

Hello Warriors,

many been asking how my experience was at TankFest so I decided to highlight the start of my Monday's live-stream when I talked about it with some of you:

Was there as a guest from The Tank Museum and Wargaming for 3 days.

Have to say that was very nice to meet so many of you (so many little kids approached me, it seriously melted my heart), being able to put faces to nicknames and thank you for all the booze, sweets, books, pins and figures you gifted, they all will be treasured, well... except for the booze, most of it is gone already. :)

Felt like a child in a candy store around so many tanks that I had been dreaming about seeing for such a long time, Tortoise in particular is such a exquisite tank (wider than I imagined), the KV-1 and M3 Grant also caught my eyes, it was hard to contain my excitement.

The cherry on top of the cake was meeting Yuri Pasholok, wasn't expecting seeing him whatsoever and only recognized by his very distinctive eye features when we, by the odds, crossed paths. He is a really nice lad who was kind enough to give me his book with a sweet signed message inside. We did took a photo together but I'm a little bit ashamed to show it, fangirled so hard to the moment that I look like Kryten from "Red Dwarf" when he tries to say smeghead! *giggles*

Also, have to point out that the Tank Museum not only has a great collection but also their staff was very kind and had a great time with some of them, specially Ed Francis who took me around the VCC, absorbed so many info from him and cant wait for what the future reserves. I highly recommend a visit and apparently so does other visitors. Except for one sourpuss, Tripadvisor reviews for Tankfest are 99.999% positive. :)

Ed Francis and I with Yuri P. book.

There is only one negative that need to point out, nothing towards WG, the Museum or You...lets just say that there is always "that one guy". I usually tend to keep certain things to myself but this ground my gears. On the last TankFest day after meeting Viktor Kislyi, Jingles and I were trying to sneak away from people to get our bags and head back home. (*) There were random people following us including this guy that kept reverse walking in front of us, not being careful where he was stepping on just to look at our faces... you can guess no good could come out of this.
The guy bumped hard against a elderly War Veteran, he didn't apologized and actually laughed at the situation. You could literally read this coming out of the Veteran's face: "I didn't fought a war for this disrespectful little shit!"
 I understand accidents can happen but not being a dick doesn't cost money, at least apologize to people, specially to a War Veteran. Please.

(*)We were very tired, specially after Saturday, as soon we entered the museum he was surrounded and I got pinned down, trapped against a tank by people and we spent that entire day just greeting people. We weren't expecting it and panicked a bit but I give thumbs up to the museum staff for assuring our safety and giving us a private room to rest.

I made an album on Facebook with the photos some of you sent in:

Some photos with the Cat Brigade at the Tank Museum, if yours is not here, do share and join! :)
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If you were at the event, there is a photo contest going on. The best photo receives two adult tickets for Tankfest 2016.
Send in your best Tankfest photos to for the chance to win. :)

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