Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Test Server update

Hello Warriors,

the 9.9 test server got a minor update, these were the changes:

  • Fixed display of reservation tank AMX 50 100.
  • Fixed some bugs visual models of tanks VK 36.01 H, Tiger P, T-55A, Tiger.
  • Fixed some minor bugs interface.
  • Fixed display of "illuminated" enemy tanks on the mini-map.
  • Fixed several hangs and "crashes" the game client.
  • Returned to the old version of the map "Highway".
  • The carousel tanks added a filter to hide tanks special modes.
  • Fixed display of shadows on the water.
  • Removed access to the chat command for the individual players in the event of "Steel hunting."
  • Fixed display of personal emblems, decals and MoEs.

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