Wednesday 8 July 2015

08.07.2015 Q&A

 Hello Warriors,

Daigensui, is available to answer any questions you may have about the new Japanese heavies, post them in the comment section bellow and I will pick some to be answered.  :)

Storm is now asking players what they consider more important - gameplay or historical realism? There is a tendency of RU players to request less realism and more gameplay. Players request "removal of selective historicism" ("historical values only used when it suits WG"), Storm answers that if historical data is available, historicity is used. If the data is missing, WG does whatever they want.

- Wargaming is now able to produce more than 13-15 HD models a patch;
- Patch 0.9.10 will likely bring as many HD models as patch 0.9.9;
- For now Storm cannot confirm the complete content of 0.9.10;
- The switch of render from square to circle will be finished soon;
- Q: "M6A2E1 with finalized T29 turret will appear in the game?" A: "Why would it?";
- Action X will not get HESH gold shells because "they are considered one of the weakspots of the current FV4202";
- The improved 53 km/h of Action X is historical, this speed was achieved during tests in South Africa (Olifant suspension);
- The T-62A turret actually has the armor schematics of regular T-62 turret, the T-62A turret itself was different and possibly less armored;
- It's actually possible for Action X to have a better armored turret than it is now based on some other data, WG is waiting for test results first however;
- Regarding possible buff of E-100 in connection with the Japanese heavies: "First we will have a look at how the Japanese are doing";
- Rebalanced Highway was removed from testing: "We'll think about what should be done with it."
- TXAA is blurring wheels, tracks and gun barrels too much, developers know about it. It will be introduced anyway but in the future this will be hopefully fixed.
- The fact the ingame FV4005 doesnt have autoloader is historically correct;
- VK4502B is unhistorical and Storm admits it;
- Storm doesn't consider War Thunder very realistic either: "Many things there are simplified as well."
- Storm doesn't like the "hitting weakspots such as cupolas does reduced damage" solution: "You shoot a tank with a 1000 damage gun at 500 meters, you do only 400 damage. Does that seem right to you?"
- The T110E3 weakspot under cupola won't be fixed, it's intentional;
- Improving the role of armor too much? "To have impenetrable tanks actually sucks as well. At first we will deal with general issues of armor and shells and then we will have a look at specific vehicles";
- Developers are discussing what to do with gold ammunition.

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