Monday, 22 June 2015

9.9 Hidden Changes


Hello Warriors,

according to StranaMechty (a Redditor and very good detective by the looks of it), there are more tank changes than Wargaming has listed in their portals.

This is what he gathered:

-On the vehicles listed by WG, though their average penetration values at 100 meters are not changing, their penetration dropoff values are.
-The values listed on the information cards are only for 100 meters, once a kinetic round passes that point the penetration decays linearly until the round reaches 500 meters, where it ceases dropping. As tanks ascend in tier this dropoff...drops off, becoming less consequential. Tier 10 mediums are the common poster children for this, the ones that fire APCR only lose 10mm at 500 meters (though the -M41 Bulldog and T71 are the secret winners, with only 2mm loss).
-On the 9.9 test server this is changing, with dropoff becoming much more severe. I have compiled a spreadsheet (shock! surprise!) of all affected weapons. Before you click, though, some notes and trends.

  • Some TD-specific variants of existing tank weapons were decoupled from the formerly identical stats of their counterparts. Usually this makes for a more powerful gun on the TDs than on the tanks, but not always. Pay attention to the notes column.
  • Tanks that formerly shared weapons with their tier 10s (ST-I and IS-4), or tier 9s from a different line (T30 and T95) may have been given a new gun with different stats. The 120mm on the AMX 50 120 is now markedly worse than the 120mm on the AMX 50B, for example. These weapons are denoted with a red background on the name and a note in the far right column. In cases such as this I have listed the values of the gun this new weapon was replacing as the "current" values. I do not know if this means unlocking the 113 will unlock the top gun for the WZ-120 (or similar such scenarios) any more.
  • The grey columns are standard ammo, the gold columns premium ammo. If you only see values for 100m penetration, the round is HEAT and does not decay. If you don't see any values in a column set, that particular round has not changed. German 10.5cm KwK 46 L/68, for instance, only had APCR change, so the AP column set is empty.

General Trends - May not always hold true
  • TDs get slightly more powerful variants of tank guns.
  • If a vehicle shares a weapon with its predecessor, it generally gets a slightly improved variant.
  • Penetration dropoff is much more severe with kinetic rounds than it was before.
  • With but a few exceptions, it seems almost everything is tier 8-10, lower tiers largely untouched.
  • Lights and arty untouched.
All changes:

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