Friday, 22 May 2015

Personal Reserve system in 9.8


Hello warriors,

this WG RU post contains explanations of the personal reserve system.

Personal reserves will give players bonuses in random battles. They will be gained by performing certain missions that will be available in June. They will give three types of bonuses:

- bonus to crew XP
- bonus to regular XP
- bonus to free XP

After you complete the missions, the reserves will be placed in a "storage" (for limited amount of time). There will be three "reserve sizes"

- small (inreases the gain by 7,5 percent)
- medium (increases the gain by 7,5-12,5 percent)
- large (increases the gain by more than 12,5 percent)

If you activate more than one reserve of the same type, they do NOT add up and the smaller (!) bonus will be used (so if you activate small extra crew XP reserve and a large extra crew XP reserve, you'll get a bonus for the small one only).

The extra XP you gain will be shown in the post-battle statistics in a separate column.  Reserves only work in random battles and only for a limited set of time (small: 2 hours, medium: 4 hours, large: 8 hours).

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