Friday, 22 May 2015

22.05.2015 Q&A

- Q: "Why doesn't WG solve the issue of tanks getting stuck and not being able to move?" A (Storm): "What other tank games that are not 100 percent arcade don't have issues with tanks getting stuck? No need to answer, I will answer myself: all such games have this issue. We are waiting for new motion physics - it is not delayed, it's being actively developed. But not even that solves this issue 100 percent - there will still be some places where you can get stuck."
- Storm, when asked why there are no realistic gun sounds in WoT: "Realistic gun sounds are not exactly awe-inspiring and the majority of playerbase does not like them too much."
- developers are currently working on changing the gun and engine sounds "to be as realistic as possible but impressive at the same time". Storm adds: "It's difficult work, you have to wait."
- WoT will not be overhauled exclusively for Dx12: "there is no certainty that Dx12 will work normally on weak PC's"
- developers are not working on Dx12 support for now but it's possible it will come in the future
- it's possible that the planned penetration nerf will bring compensations in other gun characteristics (such as accuracy)
- exact penetration changes for specific tank guns were not decided yet, only the general concept was
- it's too early to tell whether it will be possible that the same gun on different vehicles (for example TD and HT version of the German 88mm L/56) will have different penetration in each version
- it is possible that the penetration nerf will come with a vehicle XP- and credit-earning buff to compensate for the less overall damage dealt by nerfed shells
- damage is not a "historical" parameter
- developers don't want to say which branches of regular vehicles will come in the future
- developers will not disclose which supertest-leaked tanks will be rewarded for what (premiums, CW, event etc.)
- "movie" tanks (like the Rudy) have the issue of their elements (crews, names etc.) being copyrighted
- shells in the game are not material objects, they can't shoot each other down, they exist only as points

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