Monday, 27 April 2015

Weekend errata, some new info

Hello warriors,

a couple of corrections of the content and translations from the last weekend based on direct feedback from the developers in Minsk.

- yesterday, it was translated that the Japanese heavies were shifted to 2016. They were not, this is not a correct. Nor were the Chinese TD's planned for this year in first place.
- regarding the TurĂ¡n tank appearing in the WG video, it does not mean anything. They just used some random blueprint they googled.

Other than that, Viktor Kislyi told in WGL stream that in June or so, WoT players should expect a BIG announcement. According to SerB, it is a long expected feature and "it's gonna be a blast". Russian players speculate it could be a new customization system but nothing is really confirmed.

In August, during the 5th Anniversary of WoT, players should expect big discounts and events. Viktor Kislyi is also quite happy about the World of Warships, he said that WG learned their lesson from WoWp. WoWs will likely be released until the end of the year.

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