Wednesday, 29 April 2015

29.04.2015 Q&A

Hete it is:

- "Statistics will show" whether the Overlord map will do fine;
- In the 9.7 the IS-2 description is wrong (the Russian one says it has 120mm of frontal armor) but this isn't really a priority and will have to wait until 9.8;
- Storm is aware of the bug where light tanks and artilleries are getting stuck in MM queue in 9.7 - WG is already testing a fix but there is no exact ETA on that;
- Gold shells were not "stealth nerfed" in 9.7 (some guy is complaining about bad RNG);
- Storm is annoyed that mentions of Armored Warfare now appear in many posts on Russian forums (doing that results in a ban);
- It's completely possible for older HD models to not have tracks hanging on the hull modeled as additional armor, the praxis of using them as extra armor zones only started in 9.7;
- Russian players continue to whine that IS-4 armor became worse in 9.7. Storm states that quite on the contrary, it actually became better. It was checked very carefully.

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