Monday, 8 February 2016

Studyanki (Polish) Map Details


starting a bit late today, spent many hours travelling and arrived late at destination. There are some more details about the upcoming Polish map, Studyanki:

Left: Meant for MTs and SPGs
-There is a terrain depression for SPGs on both ends;
-On middle, intricate terrain for MT fights.

Middle: Meant for LTs, MTs and TDs
-There is a hill on the center where LTs can rush and spot;
-Buildings and vegetation meant for TDs near base.

Right: Meant for HTs and TDs
-Same as usual, factory for HT vs HT dogfight;
-TD spots on each extreme;

Now... that's what WG wants to happen of the map, this is what I think it will happen:

Feeling like a coach.

-Overall this looks very much like Fishermans Bay but worse, pretty much every type of vehicle has the capability to perform its role but this is clearly a SPG's wet dream type of map.

-From SPG behaviour I dont see much of a difference, map makers even built them a nest where they can fire without being imediatly spotted by the MTs, also I dont expect LT's to go crazy and just to go get them, not with TDs (and perhaps even HTs) on the middle and MTs that may be poking over the hill on the left.

-On the middle hill I dont see much of a difference than what happens in Fisherman's, altought I can see LTs attempting to rush left side for some early spotting I expect them to end up going back to the hill, committing to their role of driving in circles to spot whatever they may find there. Wouldnt be surprised to see a Bat.-Ch√Ętillon 25 t or 2 creeping up the hill as well.

-On the right, altough is a fine location for tanks with poor gun depression and long reload times I dont expect many of them to go there after the "new map hype" is over. Why? Both left corners designed for SPG have clear shots against each flank, Im anticipating to see the factory to eventually become a ghost town or a stale campfest, also the spots meant for TDs on each corner, not only they dont have clear shots against the enemies on the factory but are also extremely isolated. If sh** hits the fan they wont even be able to retreat safely because of the elevations that separate them from their base areas, most likely they will be camping near arty on the left where there is some vegetation and hiding/depression spots.

Of course it's nearly impossible to make a perfect map but I would like map makers to realize they are not building stuff for a "bot" playerbase. I dont understand how they overlooked something so simple as the Factory/SPG issue.

What do you think?

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