Monday, 1 February 2016

105 leFH18B2 Back on NA


as part of a LT and SPG bonus week, the Premium tier 5 105 leFH18B2 Frenchy is being sold on NA until February 12 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET and there are 2 packages:


105 leFH18B2
1x Garage Slot
250 Gold


105 leFH18B2
1x Garage Slot
1x Med.-Cal. Artillery Rammer
1x Enh. Gun Laying Drive
1x Camouflage Net
1,000 Gold

I find this SPG to be one of the best bargains I ever got in WoT, bought it at 50% Discount, the week before it got removed from premium store and had tons of fun taking this on TD mode in the past but nowadays I may occasionally take it to a battle while I'm having lunch (reload time could be bigger, just one sandwich bite per shoot is torturing).

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