Thursday, 21 January 2016

Unspotted Vehicle Cheat


there is currently a hack/cheat mod that renders on the minimap enemy vehicles when they are not spotted, this is how it looks like:

This is not the same as the system that Warpack uses (where minimap will tell your position after you break an object), the theory is that it links data from someone on the enemy team, and provides it to you. How? Simple, if it was snuck in a large modpack, it would have almost 100% coverage, as only 1 player per side needs to have it for it to work.

Something like this can become pretty "interesting" if a entire clan (lets say a 100 of them) decides to use it during low population hours.

My hopes on Wargaming, specially EU on fighting these mods is very low but I need to raise awareness and warn you to be cautious on which modpacks you download. The guy who made this mod (for science) stated that he wont be releasing this but not everyone is so nice.

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