Saturday, 16 January 2016

E-25 Model comparison


while I'm writing some other stuff for the blog, this is the size difference between the SD and HD E-25 Model:

Red: Old
Green: New

Not much of a difference...

Its known that the current E-25 dimensions are unhistorical. Many people who were expecting the HD E-25 to gain its historical size got disappointed, such changes would create a major nerf and we all know how little Wargaming is keen to change premium vehicles.

I recall that my sensei SilentStalker posted some time ago on FTR the real dimensions of this vehicle, so I went to dig for it and I'm reposting it with his permission:

The real data was given by Hilary L. Doyle on his one of his Panzer Tract book series (which is in my list to read, after Fletcher's books of course) and the In-game dimensions were given by Storm:

In-game width: 2,78 m
Real width (PT 20-1): 3,41 m

In-game height: 1,75 m
Real height: 2,03 m

In-game hull length: 4,5 m
Real hull length: 5,66 m

Gifs on how E-25 would look like with historical dimensions (made by Pantheist):

What's you opinion on this?

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