Tuesday, 15 December 2015

WoT Xbox: Lunar Mode

Hello Warriors,

following the Star Wars hype (*mini rant in the bottom), World of Tanks Xbox will be bringing back its lunar mode, the event will take place between 17 and 20 of December:


Note: When the event ends the M24 Lunar Chaffee will be removed from garage (you get to keep the crews although)

(*) Yesterday after finishing livestream went to watch the new Star Trek Beyond Repair trailer and I don't know if should be disgusted or mad. I actually had to double check that this wasn't an actual joke. Paramount is out of its Vulcan mind to think people like "Jar Jar Abrams" and now this f***ing Fast and Furious director (which apparently is the one that made the worst F&F) are good for the franchise. If by 2016 they haven't managed to kill ST, I believe the next movie will be directed and produced by Michael Bay and Ron Jeremy, that should definitely do the trick!

Its depressing that they are completely ignoring the Gene Roddenbery ideals and spitting on the true fans who've kept the franchise alive for so many years, they made the movie for degenerates who were bottle fed Mountain dew and deprived from any sort of education.

Star Trek is about the philosophy and study of the human condition, NOT lens flares, tit flashing, Klingons who appear to have vaginal piercings stuck in their forehead and dirt bike jumping with Beastie Boys music in the background. And congratulations Paramount, you made me hate Beastie Boys music for the first time as well!

I just really, really hope that Jar Jar Abrams hasn't F*ed up Star Wars too. Although he is definitely better suited for SW than ST, J.J.Abrams is also very good at planting nasty weeds and I've had far too many disappointments this year. Just a couple more days and we will see...

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