Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Righteous Portuguese Indignation

Good morning lads and lasses,

so I was doing my morning routine and poked in the man cave to give some coffee to Jingles who eagerly told me that there is now a Portuguese map in WoWS called "The Atlantic" which is based on one of my countries' archipelagos, I immediately rushed to my PC to see how it looked:

For most it may look okay... but I immediately felt disappointed.

The image shows at least 8 islands so it has to be Azores, but the islands make no sense. Now, I understand that there has to be a consensus between game balance and aesthetics but it doesn't even look remotely close:

39°28′N 31°13′W
Screenshot taken from this video.

I guess the real deal would be too corridorish?

There is not even one single bit on "The Atlantic" that is Portuguese, the map makers would have been forgiven if they could at least have added something iconic like the Pico Mountain which is the highest point of Portugal.

Also, should I mail to the WoWS office a Geology book? The Archipelago of Azores has volcanic origins, the tone and erosion of the rocks completely resembles the coast of Algarve instead!

Lived with this scenery most of my life and wonder why I left it... oh that's right, bad economy.
Not even Madeira, another of our islands has any resemblance...I would like Wargaming to show what they based their work on. Anyway, I'm done talking about rocks!

This may sound nitpicking but is quite rare to have something Portuguese done in... anything? If you are going to do it, do it right!

And Jingles chose the tittle of this post by the way, he is laughing and calling me a nerd.

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