Thursday, 10 December 2015

Recovery and Restoration: Jagdpanther

Hello Warriors,

nothing like having blue screen of death PC issues, fixed it and I'm Bach.

Sharing some photos...
After the end of the war many PzKpfw V Panther and Jagdpanthers were sent to England, some were abandoned while others used as targets for test firing of the British army. 50 Years later a private collector spotted one of these at a shooting range, he bought and restored it to running condition:

Gearbox and Transmission.
Second Jagdpanther

Even in worse condition

What's left of the gearbox, transmission, chassis and torsions.

The engine and gearbox belonged to the Panther that is displayed at Overloon.
It seems like a wasted opportunity on getting a Panther running although.

From WW2live

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