Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Interview with one of the Quality Assurance developers. Quality Assurance department makes sure the game goes out without massive bugs. Here's what he said:

- he works on WoT for 3 years
- according to QA, Blitz, Xbox and PS4 work fine, the Japanese WG office is nice and Lesta (WoWs) is marching fowards but the Kiev office (Persha) is problematic. The only thing he complains about is the shitloads of people
- the problem with Wargaming staff is that they hired a whole bunch of non useful people (HR) who go around offices and disturb the workers, causing chaos in organization
- QA cannot initiate any changes to the game, all they do is check for bugs (although in one case QA caused one vehicle to be rejected)
- one of the developers in an interview stated that QA department is bad, QA guys were pretty offended because they play a lot. They blame chaos in upper management (requesting stupid things) for the issues ion the game.
- another problem of WoT are the players themselves and their whining. This is a speciality of Russian players with really poor computers, EU and NA players don't generally whine about performance. EU and NA feedback is actually pretty good and in many cases it's more useful than the RU one, the non RU players are simply more competent
- one of the biggest WoT problems is the community, which is the fault of the community itself - toxicity
- some of the RU (but also EU and NA) volunteers are known to do it only to collect unique tanks the volunteers get (RG: T-44-122 for example) and then sell their accounts on the internet. This along with the bonus code scams is actually not appearing on NA server where such things are taken negatively
- 200-250 thousand players left WoT to play WoWs
- there will be crossplatforming on Xbox and PS4 tanks, it's being tested for now

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