Monday, 21 December 2015

Most likely a hoax

Hello Warriors,

I'm back after my 10kg ginger dumbo cat nearly poisoned herself...

Went to check what the Russians were up to and they posted that apparently these vehicles are coming into the game, honestly, experience tells me this is likely just another hoax, specially because they don't say where this came from. I've checked the most likely places this could have originated from and nothing. I will be talking to my sources later on, most are asleep or AFK at the moment.

Buganov's KV-4
Premium tier 8 with 107mm ZIS-6 gun.
Compared to KV-1

A variant of the regular tier 7 heavy with more powerful engine.

ST-I with twin D-25 guns, most likely a tier 8 premium.

IS-152 (1940)
Looks like KV-2 on IS chassis.

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