Saturday, 14 November 2015

Wargaming EU & Paris Attacks

Hello Warriors,

I couldn't sleep last night over the Paris attacks, truth to be told, I worked and posted things on the blog until exhaustion caught me in a attempt to keep my mind busy... I was concerned about the situation in Paris in general but had my chest tightened for my family who resides in the area and Wargaming EU staff.

Through the night I've contacted the closest to me staff  and "stalked" online everyone I could remember, also many of you have been contacting me and there are a lot of forum topics all over the servers for one to be answering and wanted to wait for the dust to start settling before telling you anything as well.

Wargaming Staff has started to appear in the forums but their words didn't gave 100% certainty that everyone is okay but Ph3lan, a new Community Coordinator for EU/EN just told me this:

"Hey Rita! Fortunately everyone working in the EU office is safe
Nerves are a bit frayed but we are ok"

Pour tous les amis en Paris, je suis avec vous!

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