Friday, 6 November 2015

Viktor Kislyi Q&A

Hello warriors,

to explain the current string of failures and bad decisions, Viktor Kislyi, Wargaming CEO, invited several important Youtubers, Streamers (only Russian ones of course) to sunny Cyprus for an interview. Here's what he said:

- It's very sad that the 10.0 KTTS video received a massive amount of hate, but "we can't change the past"
- All the WG devs, producers etc. sat together as a result, considered what could be done and reached the decision to remove 10.0 temporarily
- The 9.12 patch is emergency solution, it was not planned to return to "9.X" nomenclature
- Right now all the feedback and 10.0 content is being analysed very carefully as to what went well and what didn't and "we will start doing things the way we should be"
- It's possible the Rubikon will return in March (however no concrete ETA)
- The Russian streamers and youtubers represent the "voice of the people" and WG is listening to them, that is why they invited all the top videomakers to Cyprus
- Russian videomakers and streamers are discussing the important issues in the game with Viktor Kislyi and top producers (Slava Makarov etc.)
- Viktor Kislyi thinks that players who have left WoT due to its issues will return if WG starts fixing things
- According to Viktor Kislyi, the game will live long and not everything is as bad as whiners say, WoT had many successes
- "World of Tanks is a giant iron machine like Maus that goes forward no matter what"
- World of Warships is doing fine, World of Warplanes failed
- Viktor Kislyi thinks that it's possible that World of Tanks will live forever like other great games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends

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