Sunday, 22 November 2015

New WoT sounds

Hello Warriors,

In the first patch of 2016, the new Sound Engine 2.0 will be introduced, replacing practically all the sounds in the world in order to increase the immersion. Here's a small part of the sounds, pure sound files.

Main features:
- practically all the sounds reworked
- different caliber = different sound
- sound delay based on distance (sound now has travel speed)
- the shot sounds can be well heard
- it's now possible to tell by the sound what class is firing at you
- sounds now play an improved role
- individual sound for modules

Sounds can be heard here: (links on the bottom)

File 1 

0:11 - shot sounds and distance delay
2:10 - muffled sounds

File 2

0:11 - battle result sounds
0:33 - environmental sounds
1:30 - module sounds
1:37 - module and ricochet sounds
2:14 - reload sounds